Quantity Surveying

Thompson Cole is an award winning consultancy able to provide full pre-contract estimating, value management, risk management, procurement strategy advice, contract documentation, tendering, analysis and contract award services tailored to specific project needs and requirements. Full Quantity Surveying services post contract are also provided to ensure the Client’s requirements are achieved.

Contract Administration

Thompson Cole is able to perform the role of Contract Administrator either complementing our existing services being provided or acting independently as Contract Administrator. Thompson Cole is familiar with all current forms of contract utilised in the construction industry.

Project Management

Thompson Cole are able to offer bespoke Project Management services for all types of construction projects. This could incorporate some or all of the following depending on the project requirements, establishment of project brief and agreement of project execution plan, selection/appointment of consultants/contractors, design and programme management, risk and value management strategies, change management, regular progress reports, project completion audit and management of defects period.

Employer's Agent

In addition to the role of Contract Administrator and if dictated by the chosen from of contract Thompson Cole have significant experience and expertise in executing the role of Employers Agent.

Bank / Fund Monitoring

Thompson Cole are also able to act on behalf of financial institutions in respect of both programme and financial monitoring of construction projects. Reports are tailored to suit Client requirements and this role has been performed in the UK and overseas.

Expert Witness

Thompson Cole are able to provide expert witness services in respect of all aspects of Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Contract Administration.

Claims Advice / Resolution

Thompson Cole have extensive experience in construction claims. This enables us to assist with the establishment of a claim, assessment of claims and providing appropriate advice recommending the correct course of action for your claim.